The 8th Japanese-German Symposium on Classification (JGSC2023)


DAY 1. (Saturday, September 30)

Opening session(09:45–10:00)

Session 1(10:00-11:30)Chairparson: Hans A Kestler

  • Asymptotic properties of the Matthews correlation coefficient Yuki Itaya(Keio university, Japan), Jun Tamura(Yokohama City University, Japan), Kenichi Hayashi(Keio university, Japan), Kouji Yamamoto(Yokohama City University, Japan)
  • Causal Mediation Analysis for Binary Outcomes with the Complementary Log-Log Link Yuji Tsubota, Michio Yamamoto(Osaka University, Japan)
  • Sparse rule generating fold-change classification for molecular high-throughput profiles Hans A Kestler, Annika MTU Kestler, Nensi Ikonomi, Silke D Werle, Julian D Schwab, Friedhelm Schwenker(Ulm University)

Lanch break(11:30-13:00)

Session 2(13:00-15:00)Chairparson:Kohei Adachi

  • A Comprehensive FA Model Leads to Hierarchies of PCA and FA Formulations Kohei Adachi(Osaka University)
  • Nonparametric Logistic Regression with Deep Neural Networks Atsutomo Yara(Osaka University), Yoshikazu Terada(Osaka University, Riken AIP)
  • One proxy for multiple unobserved confounders, what bias will be affected? Yizhou Fan(Hiroshima University), Ran Nakao(Hiroshima City University)
  • Prospective detection of space-time clusters using the echelon analysis Yusuke Takemura(Kyoto Women's University, Japan), Fumio Ishioka(Okayama University, Japan), Koji Kurihara(Kyoto Women's University, Japan)

Tea break(15:00-15:30)

Session 3(15:30-17:30)Chairparson: Yuichi Mori

  • Clustering with quantification and dimension reduction Tatsuki Akaki(Graduate School of Management, Okayama Univercity of Science, Japan), Yuichi Mori, Masahiro Kuroda(Okayama University of Science, Japan), Masaya Iizuka(Okayama University, Japan)
  • Outlining the design of invariant concept classes Ludwig Lausser(Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany)
  • Computational Dating for the Nuzi Cuneiform Archive in Ancient Mesopotamia Sumie Ueda(Institute of Statistical Mathematics), Takashi Tsuchiya(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), Yoshiaki Itoh(Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
  • Generic vs. alternative-specific price parameters in price-only conjoint designs Paetz, Friederike, Steiner,WinfriedJ.(Clausthal University of Technology), Kurz, Peter(bms marketing research & strategy)

DAY 2. (Sunday, October 1)

Session 4(10:00-11:30)Chairparson:Andreas Geyer-Schulz

  • Improvement accuracy of multinomial logit models for statistical matching using data transformation Isao Takabe(Rissho University, Japan)
  • Bayesian Variable Selection for Health Data Analysis with Missing Values Azman Nads(Hiroshima University, Japan and Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography, Philippines), Daniel Andrade(Hiroshima University)
  • sgX: A Family of R-Packages for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms with Multiple Genome Representations Andreas Geyer-Schulz(Karlruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Lanch break(11:30-13:00)

Session 5(13:00-15:00)Chairparson:Hiroshi Yadohisa

  • Matrix decomposition structural equation modeling as an alternative to covariance structure analysis Naoto Yamashita(Kansai University)
  • Variable Selection Methods in Factor Analysis via the Group L0 Norm Naoya Shimada(Osaka University), Michio Yamamoto(Osaka University / RIKEN AIP)
  • Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling Using Quantile Norm Jun Tsuchida(Kyoto Women's University, Japan), Hiroshi Yadohisa(Doshisha University, Japan)
  • Proposal of new similarity indices "cluster center-of-gravity distance" and "cluster difference degree" and similarity cluster identification algorithm for comparing cluster analysis results of different survey years data Atsushi Kimura(The National Statistics Center, Japan), Hitoshi Motoyama(Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)

Tea break(15:00-15:30)

Session 6(15:30-17:00)Chairparson: Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm

  • Tackling practical issues in clustering mixed-type data by the k-prototype algorithm Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm(Constructor University), Rabea Aschenbruck, Gero Szepannek(Stralsund University of Applied Sciences)
  • Semi-orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with stick-breaking process Hiroyasu Abe(Wakayama Medical University)
  • Clarification of Brand Positioning and Brand Confusion by Using Deep Learning Atsunho Nakayama(Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Closing session(17:00–17:15)

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